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A diverse and skilled team.

Ready to help your project succeed!

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This is

Terran is an innovative consultancy firm

Terran is Stavanger based with a focus on national and foreign top talent to join teams at new and existing companies.

We classify experience, talents, interests and personalities to improve the insertion of consultants into existing teams or creating new teams altogether. In addition to linking competent individuals with local industries, We provide a community for the Terrans encouraging cultural exchange and local insertion.

You Will Learn How To


Our current team consists of a multicultural competent team of students and graduates who have knowledge and experience in a range of disciplines within the sustainable perspective, including product design, strategy, impact assessment and engineering. We are always looking for new projects to link with the workforce!


The Terran community is a place where Norwegian and international students and graduates can come together and experience the beauty of friendship and collaboration. Together we have fun while making the world a better place.


Are you a student, or have you just graduated? Have you been working for a while but think it's time to try something new? We are always looking for competent people that we can link with new or ongoing projects. Book a meeting and let's get to know each other!

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