Hire a Terran Team!

Our crew consists of  competent  students, graduates and senior advisors who have knowledge and experience across a wide range of disciplines.

Common for all is the sustainable perspective, affecting our work in all product design, strategy, impact assessment and engineering.

We live and breathe regenerativity, circular economy, diversity and disruption. Tell us your challenge, and Terran will match it with top talent and the passion to solve it!

We guide you safely to the other side

Research & Innovation
Terran possesses in-house experience and institutional network to run extensive R&D projects on behalf of our partners, from idea to production-ready products.

New energy
We offer a unique perspective on renewable energy. Terran will help you develop future proof business concepts, products and technologies that scale without negative side effect on nature.
Society is going circular, and we love it!
With a decade of experience in developing circular products and value chains, we promise to open your eyes to the opportunities it offers.
Circular economy!?

Just anything

Outside the box

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Johanna Johansson

Captain and co-founder

Terran AS 

Phone: 458 65 382

E-mail: johanna@terran.team