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About us

Terran is a local consultancy company who offers flexible services connected to the green shift. Terran connects purpose driven individuals with competence withing sustainability with companies who shares these values. Our employees comes from a diverse background and have a special passion for the environment and susstainability. Terran´s goal is to be a leading example and a resource for a diverse and including work environment.

We live and breathe regenerativity, circular economy, diversity and disruption. Tell us your challenge, and Terran will match it with top talent and the passion to solve it! 

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Johanna Johansson

Co-founder & Captain


Terran AS 

Phone: 458 65 382

Johanna holds a bachelor's degree in International Development and a master's degree in Energy, Environment, and Society. She has international experience from studying abroad and working with NGOs, alongside a history of substantial involvement in the volunteer field and in building community. She has led a research project on ocean plastic and directed operations through logistics, innovative value chains and project administration. 

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Lars Urheim

Co-founder & Community support

Terran AS 

Phone: 970 94 854


Lars is a designer, a serial entrepreneur, and a firm voice in the environmental field and on circular economy. He has long experience in building various start-ups ranging from, software via furniture and access industry, to raw materials and more. A former environmental activist, he brings sustainability thinking into practical solutions, alongside the disruptive design of business models, often based on opportunities fueled by predicting megatrends and changes of paradigm.

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