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Building professional with passion for material repurposing. 

Are you a professional builder with concerns about how much waste is produced from the building industry? Now you can be a part of the solution and evolve your skills regarding repurposing building materials in practise. 

Terran offer a project position for the right individual to be in charge of finding and implementing solutions for two refurbishing projects within Stavanger municipality. 

  • Repurposing of an old warehouse/office building in central Stavanger to community space and updated offices 

  • Upgrade and expand a private cabin from the 1940-ies in Sjernarøyane archipelago 1 hour from central Stavanger 

Both projects have an expressed goal of maximising the use of re-purposed building materials. This implies both disassembling rather than tearing down existing structures with the purpose of re-use, as well as sourcing building materials from other projects and from for example The projects run partly in parallel, so work execution and material sourcing can be adapted to the individual progress and need in the projects. 

The job requires creativity, and you must be self-driven and flexible. Both projects follow an overall plan with drawings, but detailing depend on availability of materials and inclusion of treasures we find. Solutions will be developed in collaboration with interior architect, and we will be present to guide you but we require that you take charge in your own work. 

The work may be shared between two employees depending on availability, applicants, and relevant competence. Duration of the project position is 6 months. Depending on progress and potential new projects, the position(s) may be extended. Immediate employment. 

Work description 

  • Dismantling and organising used building materials 

  • Stone mason work 

  • Building interior walls 

  • Installing windows 

  • Stone roofing 

  • Plastering 

  • Painting walls and ceiling 

  • Painting doors, windows and details 

  • Installing floors 

  • Insulation work 

  • Outdoor wood cladding 

  • Indoor wood cladding 

  • Detailing and repairs 

  • Other relevant tasks 


  • Documented relevant experience and references 

  • Interest in re-purposing and sustainability 

  • Creative and self-driven 

  • Solution oriented 

  • Good communication and collaboration skills 

  • Driver licence 

About the employer 

Terran is a value-driven consultancy working to help businesses of all scales by providing them with talented and engaged individuals that match the needs of their projects. Terran also consists of a community where ambitious individuals can experience a sense of belonging and personal and professional growth through the events and workshops Terran organizes. Through the Terran community, Terran ensures an arena for networking and personal growth, in an innovative and fun environment. Terran is moving into new offices downtown Stavanger with two floors of office space and an adjacent part of the building serving as community space.  
We provide competitive salary. 

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Yuvalakshmi Thiruthiyappan: 

Our process

Are you a student, or have you just graduated? Have you been working for a while but think it's time to try something new? We are always looking for competent people that we can link with new or ongoing projects. Book a meeting and let's get to know each other!
1. Send us your CV

2. We contact you for an introductory conversation 

3. On-boarding to the Terran community

4. You will be invited to a formal interview as soon as we have a project in need of your competence.  
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Johanna Johansson

Captain and co-founder


Terran AS 

Tlf: 458 65 382


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