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Together we open the labour market for the best qualified candidates - benefitting our society, the organisation and the individual

Community trumps traditional recruitment
In a labour market where there is a battle for the best minds, and companies hunt for each other's talents in a perpetual cycle, Terran represents a more constructive solution. 

Although the unemployment rate is historically low in the Stavanger region, some of the best candidates still remain inaccessible to employers, due to a lack of shared networks, communication channels or meeting places.

Interpersonal contact and community across existing networks is Terran's solution to this challenge.

Partnering with Terran gives your company the opportunity to find highly educated and motivated employees who are unavailable for traditional recruitment.

Our team builds relationships with candidates on behalf of our partners, ensuring that not only formal competence, but also values, passion and motivation match the needs of the business.

Our value proposition is to supercharge businesses that are passionate about the green shift, with a diversity of individual professionals who share their commitment and values.
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